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Change of Address (Visas) - Self Certification

Self Certifications are run internally by each department, organised through their responsible Digital Leader. The Digital Leader will certify the service meets the Digital by Default service standard criteria. The Self Certification process is currently in Alpha, and will continue to be iterated on. Services with over 100,000 transactions a year will continue to be assessed by GDS.

This service allows visa applicants to communicate a change in their address or legal representative details to the Home Office so that their records can be updated.

Department / Agency:

Date of Submission:

Assessment Stage:

Lead Assessor:
E. Charles / C. Williams

Service Manager:
H. Day

 Digital Leader:
J. Hawkins for M. Parsons

Assessors Summary:

The assessors considered that the change of address service meets the service standards as appropriate for a public beta release. The service demonstrated was created as part of the migration of the Home Office websites to .GOV.UK. A new service is under development. Feedback and analysis of the public beta will inform the development of the new service. The team has developed, tested and revised the service resulting in a service that users can use first time unaided. There is a team in place to work with the service manager to monitor and improve the service. On-going support and knowledge sharing is supported by open source tools. The assessors recommended that the service manager agreed a benchmark against which the service could be measured. The assessors also recommended that the assisted digital needs were considered in the context of the visa applicant’s customer journey.

Results Against the Digital by Default Criteria:

Criteria Passed Criteria Passed
1 Yes 2 Yes
3 Yes 4 Yes
5 Yes 6 Yes
7 Yes 8 Yes
9 Yes 10 No
11 Yes 12 Yes
13 Yes 14 Yes
15 No 16 Yes
17 Yes 18 Yes
19 Yes 20 Yes
21 Yes 22 Yes
23 No 24 Yes
25 Yes 26 No
Details of criteria that are not applicable to this service
10. Alternate channel in place
15. Code is not open source but templates are shared
23. Not reported on the performance platform during beta
26. Not at present