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Civil Claims - Service Assessment

Civil Claims is a service area that allows the public to solve a wide range civil legal disputes. Civil Claims can be applied to numerous scenarios - from disputes with your neighbour to personal injury - but are predominantly used when trying to obtain money or property owed.

Department / Agency:

Date of Reassessment:

Moving to:


Lead Assessor:
H. Garrett

Service Manager:
E. Fineberg

Digital Leader:
M. Coats

Reassessment report

The Civil Claims service is seeking permission to launch the Accelerated Possession Claim on a domain as a Beta service.

Outcome of service assessment

After consideration GDS have concluded the Civil Claims service has shown sufficient progress and evidence of meeting the Digital by Default Service Standard criteria andshould proceed to launch as a Beta service on a domain.


The team spoke knowledgeably about their users, demonstrating strong evidence of the user research that had been done so far and its plans to continue to iterate the service based on research, data and user feedback.

The strong multidisciplinary team will remain in place throughout the next phase of development.

The team is able to iterate the service quickly and has a continuous deployment process set up, with zero-downtime deployments already in place.

The service has the appropriate safety, security and privacy measures in place.


Work with GDS to ensure the relationship between GOV.UK and the Civil Claims service provides a good user journey by sharing data/hypotheses to feed into the start page content and design.

Evaluate the assisted digital support pilot during beta to ensure that the appropriate levels of support are in place for the live service. This should include ensuring assisted digital support is made available to all users who need it, even those choosing at this time to use professional intermediaries. This makes sure the service is sustainable and that no one is excluded from using it on the basis of cost.

Use data (to supplement the research) during the beta phase to continue to iterate and evaluate the service. Plans, already in the backlog, to create funnels to see where users are dropping out and to mark PDF forms to evaluate how many users are coming through the digital service should address this.

Test the service from beginning to end with the minister responsible for it.

Next steps

This service has been given approval to launch as a Beta on a domain.