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Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Income Calculator – Self Certification

Self Certifications are run internally by each department, organised through their responsible Digital Leader. The Digital Leader will certify the service meets the Digital by Default service standard criteria. The Self Certification process is currently in Alpha, and will continue to be iterated on. Services with over 100,000 transactions a year will continue to be assessed by GDS.

Co-funded by the Scottish Government/ DECC and delivered via EST, the service will offer a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) calculator based on the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). This will give consumers and renewable heating installers an estimate of the RHI income received if a given renewable heat technology eligible for the Domestic RHI scheme is installed.

Department / Agency:

Date of Submission:

Moving to:

Lead Assessor:
L. Diep

Service Manager:
A. Boon / L. Longstaff

 Digital Leader:
J. Boss

Assessors Summary:

Main objectives of this service is to provide an independent, authoritative voice that provides reliable and realistic cost benefits for RHI schemes, in contrast with unauthorised sources that provide exaggerated estimates. It is hoped that this service will rebuild trust in the schemes and build confidence in the industry.

Panel discussed/noted:

  • Submission not clear on who are the users of this service are?
    • Users include:
      • People who want to know what their potential income could be from installation(s)
      • Installers – to help them provide customers with trusted estimates
  • Calculator has 6 questions, 2 main customer journeys – with and without EPC data.
  • Agreement with Scottish Government to follow GOV.UK style, as long as they are acknowledged. Also aligned with Ofgem website due to RHI Domestic hosting.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments and DPA considerations – noted no personal data will be stored.
  • 2 front ends being developed – localisation needed for Scotland where policies differ
  • Understand DECC has taken opportunity to ‘piggyback’ off a project from Scottish Government and tried to collaborate rather that duplicate.


  • No evidence of long term plans beyond launch. Important that calculator continues to evolve with changes in policy and continuously improved if team are to achieve objective of rebuilding trust and confidence in the schemes/industry.
  • Better understanding of user needs and an agile approach for the service to be meet the required standards

Results Against the Digital by Default Criteria:

Criteria Passed Criteria Passed
1 Yes 2 Yes
3 Yes 4 Yes
5 N/A 6 Yes
7 Yes 8 Yes
9 Yes 10 Yes
11 N/A 12 N/A
13 Yes 14 No
15 Yes 16 Yes
17 Yes 18 Yes
19 No 20 No
21 Yes 22 Yes
23 Yes 24 Yes
25 Yes 26 Yes
Details of criteria that are not applicable to this service
This is a small service, with no existing channels funded by DECC. Service is building on an existing tool created by Scottish Government and procured via Scotland.