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Employer Checking Service - Self Certification

Self Certifications are run internally by each department, organised through their responsible Digital Leader. The Digital Leader will certify the service meets the Digital by Default service standard criteria. The Self Certification process is currently in Alpha, and will continue to be iterated on. Services with over 100,000 transactions a year will continue to be assessed by GDS.

The Employers Checking Service will be an online tool where employers can check their employees and potential employee’s right to work in the UK and can request a right to work check should it be required. 

Department / Agency:

Date of Submission:

Assessment Stage:

Lead Assessor:
C. Williams / E. Charles

Service Manager:
A. Sharpe

 Digital Leader:
N. Driskell

Assessors Summary:

The assessors considered that the service had been built to be consistent with style and content used on GOV.UK.

The service is simple and intuitive to use.

Results Against the Digital by Default Criteria:

Criteria Passed Criteria Passed
1 Yes 2 Yes
3 Yes 4 Yes
5 Yes 6 Yes
7 Yes 8 Yes
9 Yes 10 No
11 Yes 12 Yes
13 Yes 14 Yes
15 No 16 Yes
17 Yes 18 Yes
19 Yes 20 Yes
21 Yes 22 Yes
23 No 24 Yes
25 Yes 26 No
Details of criteria that are not applicable to this service
10 - no AD identified but will continue to monitor during the beta phase.
12 – no non-digital steps.
26 – to be completed.