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SCS 360 Appraisal Tool Digital by Default Service Standard assessment result

The SCS 360 Appraisal Tool service is seeking permission for Beta Assessment approval.

Department / Agency:

Date of Assessment:

Assessment stage:
Beta Review

Result of Assessment:

Lead Assessor:
T. Duarte

Service Manager:
M. Madden

Digital Leader:
M. Coates

Assessment Report

The Agent Online Self Serve service has been reviewed against the 26 points of the Service Standard at the end of the Alpha development.

Outcome of service assessment

After completing our assessment we have concluded that the service has shown sufficient evidence of meeting the required standard at the Beta Assessment stage. Beta branding can be added to the service.


The service was assessed against all 26 points of the Digital by Default Service Standard. We asked questions from the prompts and evidence for assessors, supplied by GDS. This document has questions and the evidence sought for Alpha, Beta and Live phases. We asked questions from the Beta section.

The service has passed on all the points of the standard though we have some recommendations that follow.


With regards to user research we recommend that you:

  • confirm new researcher
  • ensure effective handover from current user researcher

With regards to analytics and product performance we recommend that you:

  • agree the use of data for effective service evaluation and improvement

With regards to design we recommend that you:

  • address handling of expired sessions and bookmarked URLs so that users don't receive generic error pages
  • re-evaluate display of form validation errors so that they're more prominent to users
  • emails should be sent from the initiating user so that emails can be replied to, not
  • new windows opened via 'more info' links contain 'back' links which open in the same new window resulting in duplicate pages; 'more info' links should either open in the same window, or 'back' links should close the new window.

Next steps
This service has been given approval to adopt Beta branding, but should address the recommendations during Beta.

Thank you for your thorough and well-prepared answers to our questions. Your team deserves to feel proud of the service and the work you have undertaken which has obvious potential for reuse across Government.

The service has passed the Beta Assessment and can adopt the Beta branding.

Digital by Default Service Standard criteria

The following table shows the result- where asking if the service passes- as against each of the 26 criteria. 22 of the criteria are relevant to this product- six were not applicable.

Criteria Passed Criteria Passed
1 Yes 2 Yes
3 Yes 4 Yes
5 Yes 6 Yes
7 N/A 8 Yes
9 Yes 10 Yes
11 N/A 12 Yes
13 Yes 14 Yes
15 Yes 16 Yes
17 Yes 18 Yes
19 Yes 20 Yes
21 Yes 22 Yes
23 N/A 24 N/A
25 Yes 26 N/A