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Tier 2 Visa Service - Self Certification

The service allows applicants already in the UK to extend their Tier 2 Visa using a simple online process.

Department / Agency:

Date of Assessment:

Assessment stage:

Result of Assessment:

Lead Assessor:
E. Charles

Service Manager:
T. Buck

Digital Leader:
M. Parsons

Assessment Report

The service has been designed using extensive research on the ongoing service and has used a user survey to sample sentiment and wider feedback from the Private Beta group. This has been used to deliver further service improvements. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive.


There were no actions that were required for sign-off. The following areas for discussion should be addressed.

  • SIRO sign-off should be secured.
  • The service requires a firmer outline plan about how it will use analytics and further user testing with the public beta to drive further improvements before going to into the live stage.

Next steps

  • SRO sign-of will be secured prior to launch.
  • Work is underway to identify sections of code for publication in open source repositories.
  • Work is underway to integrate with the GOV.UK performance platform.
  • Arrangements are being made to test the service with the minister responsible for the service.

Digital by Default Service Standard criteria

Criteria Passed Criteria Passed
1 Yes 2 Yes
3 Yes 4 Yes
5 Yes 6 Yes
7 Yes 8 Yes
9 Yes 10 Yes
11 Yes 12 Yes
13 Yes 14 Yes
15 Yes 16 Yes
17 Yes 18 Yes
19 Yes 20 Yes
21 Yes 22 Yes
23 Yes 24 Yes
25 Yes 26 Yes