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Vehicle Management – Service Assessment

Vehicle Management will provide an online facility for motorists to notify changes to their vehicle registration details. This will include notifying a change of keeper and change of name and address, which will allow tens of millions of motorists each year to transact via digital channels rather than the existing paper based channels.

Department / Agency:

Date of Assessment:

Moving to:
Private Beta


Lead Assessor:
S. Bennett

Service Manager:
R. Gye

Digital Leader:
B. Etheridge

Assessment report

The Vehicle Management Service is seeking permission to continue development as it moves from Alpha to Private Beta.

Outcome of service assessment

After reviewing the assessment report GDS are pleased to say we have concluded the Vehicle Management has shown sufficient progress and evidence of meeting the pre-April 2014 criteria and should proceed to Private Beta.


  • The team show commitment to developing this as a user-focused service and have clear plans in place to extend and act on their user research.
  • The team showed a commitment to designing a system which will keep customer information secure and safeguard against potential fraud
  • The team has demonstrated the potential to iterate and improve the service rapidly to enhance the user experience. There is evidence that they have already made changes in response to user feedback.


Whilst GDS were happy for the service to proceed to Private Beta, GDS suggest the following actions should be taken by the team during the next phase of development:

  • Strengthen their team by hiring a designer and content designer who can help make the service look and feel more like GOV.UK. At present the service is still using ‘trade’ language and terms, which could be confusing for the general public; and the current screen layouts need to be revised to follow GOV.UK practice
  • Similarly, ensure that the team has dedicated user insight and data analysis resources allocated from the central DVLA teams to work as an integral part of the service development team
  • Revise team job definitions and titles in line with the Service Design Manual around the roles where development and operation come together
  • Extend testing rapidly to cover individual users (as opposed to the preponderance of trade users in testing to date)
  • Work with CESG to determine any potential new fraud/phishing/spam relay risks arising from taking this service online
  • Ensure that DVLA, over and above the third party supplier, fully understands the legal implications of the choice of open source licence and are aware of the Government Open Standards process and existing standards adopted
  • Ensure that all links are unbroken, or link to the right places, where code has been adapted from other projects
  • Carry forward plans to understand future assisted digital needs and who might provide support (especially in phases where sales fall between individuals rather than being to or from trade organisations)
  • Think about how to measure user satisfaction for this service (including a concluding survey)
  • Obtain and implement an analytics package (in consultation with the GDS Performance Platform) and ensure you can provide accurate KPI data for each element of the vehicle management service
  • Start to consider how management of digital and other channels would be integrated; and develop plans (including targets) to encourage channel shift and achieve high digital take-up

Next Steps

This service has been given approval to launch as a Private Beta service.


GDS were very pleased to see the team’s commitment to developing and continually improving a user-focused service that will meet the stringent demands of the Service Standard.