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Updates from the Performance Platform

Performance Platform
Performance Platform

Data and performance analyst colleagues working in central government will be familiar with the GDS Performance Platform. In many cases you will be responsible for the data that appears on a dashboard.

The Performance Platform team has run and completed a rediscovery of the platform - its users and their needs - and working on an Alpha.

Since the platform may affect many of the central government readers of this blog, team members will soon be posting here about what they’ve discovered and their future plans.

Peter Jordan is Head of the Data and Performance Analysis at GDS

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  1. Comment by Peter Jordan posted on

    The official position remains:

    All services going through service assessments need to publish the 4 mandatory KPIs on the performance platform.

    All other services (regardless of the number of transactions or channels used) should be listed on the Performance Platform and provide (at least) transaction volumes through the quarterly return.

    In practice, a service may not publish user satisfaction or completion rate, but the service team should still demonstrate that it has access to (and uses) such data.

    The existing dashboards should continue to be updated either through automated methods (Feedex, GA, APIs) or through CSV uploads. No new metrics other than the 4 KPIs should be added.

    The quarterly return has always had a time lag of at least six months because some departments are unable to provide data sooner. This delay has increased over the past year as the technical support required to release the data has put back the publishing schedule.

  2. Comment by Philip Sturtivant posted on

    I have exactly the same question as Mike Collins - and I note that the Platform's blog has not been updated since June 2016.

  3. Comment by Mike Collins posted on

    What is happening with the Performance Platform now?
    All the data seems to finish in July 2017!