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Performance Platform infrastructure migration

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In a effort to consolidate and rationalise the infrastructure that under pins GOV.UK, the Performance Platform ( will we migrating to the same infrastructure that hosts GOV.UK

The main driver behind the migration is savings in cost and effort, by sharing operational resources and support. There are also a number of duplicated applications that we will be able to consolidate for ease of maintenance. Another side effect being each team will benefit from improvements and upgrades made to the applications, by the other team.

There is no planned outage for the presentation of dashboards, but there will be a period where the live data on the site will become static, and will not be updated until we are fully migrated to the new infrastructure later in the day.

The database that provides the data, will also be put into a 'read-only' state. This means that the facility to manually upload data will be disabled during the migration. So we will not be able to accept any data imports via the "Upload data" interface, or the write API.

The migration is planned for 09h00 till 15h00 on Monday the 20th of July.

We will update this blog through the day as and when "normal service" has been resumed.


Monday 20th 10h00 - Data is now read only and the Database migration has begun.

Monday 20th 15h00 - Migration Complete, normal service has resumed.

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