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A refreshing change: helping the Performance Platform deliver

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The Performance Platform team is growing. We've recently hired a new service manager, programme delivery manager, and a couple of new delivery managers. As one of those newbies, I thought I'd share my first impressions of the platform with you.

First off, the name ‘platform’ does not do us justice. We’re working on a very exciting agenda, opening up government service data for everyone to see in a clear and simple format. We're using a platform to do this, but we're bringing government a change much greater than new technology.

The platform lets service managers understand how their services are used and alerts them to any problems. This then leads to improvements in the service provided and a better experience for the end user, the citizen. Our director, Richard Sargeant, has recently blogged about how the platform encourages service improvement and transparency.

I've spent my career as a civil servant, working according to strict project rules, long delivery dates and baffling HR guidance, and it has been refreshing to be met by the common sense approach of the platform’s team.  The use of super flexible and agile methodologies lets us deliver dashboards for departments quickly and test new ideas easily.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be working with the team’s other new delivery manager, Sara Bowley, our new service manager, Warren Drummond, and programme delivery manager, Nick Tait, to consider how we spread our message within government moving forward, possibly louder than we’ve done before.

My role is to also ensure the platform team can deliver on its core objectives. We’ve recently changed how the team is structured to allow us to work through any problems on the platform as soon as they arise, and to help us speed up delivery.

It would be great to hear from you about your experiences with the Performance Platform. Please feel free to leave your thoughts at the bottom of this blog.

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  1. Comment by Jen Oliver posted on

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your comment although I don't fully understand what you mean. Could you expand please?

    We welcome feedback on the service so keep your ideas coming.


  2. Comment by Greg Morgan posted on

    Hi Jen

    It would be great if the dashboard allowed you to click on a link to the page referred to in the stats, as sometimes it's not immediately clear from the title which page it is.


  3. Comment by David Lowe posted on

    Thanks for the update Jen, and good luck with the new team structure.