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Sprint notes: passing our Service Standard

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Sprint: 22 August to 4 September -

The Performance Platform is now in public beta, having passed our Service Standard Assessment on the 27 August.

While this sprint has been one of celebration, it has also been one of hard-core development activity. We’ve created an application programming interface (API) that will allow our developers to configure dashboards with an onboarding app, meaning we can move faster than we’ve done before.

Other things we’ve done this sprint

We’ve also spent the last two weeks:

What we’re planning next sprint

In the next two weeks, we plan to:

  • improve the onboarding app’s user interface
  • hold workshops to plan our quarterly goals
  • explore the possibility of creating summary email notifications
  • start work on a processing time dashboard module

We run our sprints every two weeks, where team members aim to achieve goals within set timeframes. We're currently in sprint 4 of our 12-week sprint cycle.

Read our previous blog post to know more about why we publish sprint notes.


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