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Sprint notes: scoping out user need dashboards

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Sprint: 19 September to 2 October

This sprint we’ve been investigating a new prototype dashboard that will help government service teams monitor how they are meeting user needs.

The User Need Dashboard will pull together a mix of data from a number of different government services and GOV.UK content around a specific user need.

If these plans enter production, the User Need Dashboard will be the third type of standard dashboard on the Performance Platform, adding to the current Service Dashboard and Web Traffic Dashboard that we already have.

The planning of this new dashboard is still in early stages but we’ll let you know about how it progresses and blog more about how it works in the coming weeks.

Also this sprint, we’ve made headway on the design of a Legal Aid dashboard that will show you how many people in the UK are currently applying for financial help with their legal costs. The dashboard is still in production and has to be approved by the Minister, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it goes live.

We’ve continued our work on the Onboarding App that will help our developers configure dashboards faster than they’ve done before. The app is now around 90% complete.

Furthermore, we’ve created an onboarding questionnaire so we can quickly find out the needs of service teams about to join the Performance Platform. The questionnaire gathers basic details about the service, the service team, and the metrics they’d like to publish.

What we’re planning next sprint

In the next two weeks, we plan to:

  • complete the Onboarding App and start using it to build dashboards
  • create Google Analytics collectors for the Legal Aid Agency
  • create a new homepage design so users are clearer about what we offer
  • produce a welcome pack for new users
  • design summary email notifications
  • showcase the Legal Aid dashboard for user feedback
  • grow our Mongo databases before we run out of disk space

We run our sprints every two weeks, where team members aim to achieve goals within set timeframes. We're currently in the last sprint of our 12-week sprint cycle.

Read our previous blog post to know more about why we publish sprint notes.

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