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National Voter Registration Day

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Today (5 Feb) is National Voter Registration Day and Performance Platform data clearly shows the impact of this UK wide campaign.

As I write this over 3000 users are currently registering to vote via GOV.UK. Today's usage topped out at 6.21pm with almost 8500 people online at once.

Looking at applications by age group it's plain to see that under 35s are making the most of the service. And those registering seem to leave happy - user satisfaction currently stands at 93.2%.

If you'd like to know more about the 'Register to vote' service check out this video from Product Manager Pete Herlihy.

Make sure you register to vote

If you've not yet registered to vote you can do so here. You can also use the same service to update your name, address or other details.

The whole process takes around five minutes and you can do it all online.

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  1. Comment by Huw Pritchard posted on

    Hi - just to let you know that after my wife and I had registered online I had paper through the post a day or two ago from Conwy council - one letter covering the both of us, asking if our details were correct?

    Doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of the online service? It's pretty much what I got from them last year. Plus, it was sent to me (as head of the house!) even though Mrs P and I had registered separately.

    What do you think should happen after I complete the online transaction and GOV.UK sends the details to my local authority?

  2. Comment by Huw Pritchard posted on

    Hi Will. I'm off work at the mo so without access to some data but my gut feel is that the figure you quote is pretty low. If I can find anything about take up in Welsh using the 'old' systems, I'll let you know.

    Incidentally, am I supposed to get an alert if a reply is posted to a comment of mine. I did not get one here, and meant I had to go back to check, on the off chance.

  3. Comment by Will Callaghan posted on

    Hi Huw, apologies for the delay in replying.

    I'm told that 0.05% of transactions to date have been via the Welsh version of the form.

    I've been trying to find out if there's any data about usage of the English form in Welsh constituencies, but that's not something we currently collate. Individual areas should have their own data.

    Hope this answers your question. All the best, Will

  4. Comment by Huw Pritchard posted on

    Hi - I asked before about the option to register in Welsh. I see it is there, but the link is a bit of the way down the page and I'd already jumped into the English form before I noticed it.

    Can you tell me how what proportion of transactions used the Welsh form. If you get anything above about 4% that will be very good.

    Have to say the Welsh option wasn't promoted that well in Wales, even by Wales-based organisations.