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HMRC Service Assessment Reports

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Agent Online Self Serve

Agent Online Self Service will let agents register to view, control and act on behalf of their clients.

Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme

Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme allows alcohol wholesalers to apply to HMRC for registration in compliance with the AWRS rules.

Annual Tax Summaries

Annual Tax Summaries will provide the user with a summary of the information they submitted in their Self-Assessment tax return for the previous financial year.

Business Properties Rental Information (VOA)

The Business Properties Rental Information service allows users to submit information about a business property to the Valuation Office Authority (VOA); something that users are required to do under statutory regulation.

Check Your State Pension

Check Your State Pension will allow users to obtain an estimate of their state pension and review their National Insurance contribution records.

Company Accounts Tax Online

Company Accounts and Tax Online allows the smallest companies with the simplest tax affairs who are unrepresented to file their Company Tax return, accounts and computations with HMRC and Companies House at the same time.

Digital Self-Assessment (Opt-in Messaging)

Digital Self-Assessment (Opt-in Messaging) gives users the option to receive digital alerts instead of paper letters.

Employment Intermediaries

Employment Intermediaries provides a standardised, digital way for intermediaries in the temporary labour market to report information to HMRC.

Family and Friends

Family and Friends allows a user to delegate authority to a friend or family member to act on their behalf for digital tax services.

Guaranteed Minimum Pension

Guaranteed Minimum Pension service will allow Pension Scheme Administrators to calculate a member’s guaranteed minimum pension after contracting-out ends.

Digital Forms

Digital Forms allows users to complete and submit a number of HMRC forms online.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax allows users to determine whether or not inheritance tax is due on a deceased's estate and pay it.

Marriage Allowance

The Marriage Allowance service allows users with unused personal tax allowances to transfer a set amount to their spouse or civil partner.

PAYE: Check or Update Your Company Car Tax

PAYE: Check or Update your Company Car Tax allows users to view and change their company car tax benefit.

PAYE: Check your Income Tax Estimate

PAYE: Check your Income Tax Estimate allows users to view their income tax estimate, including details of how much tax they will pay, how it is calculated and how they will pay it.

Payrolling Benefits in Kind

Payrolling Benefits in Kind allows businesses to notify HMRC of employees receiving Benefits In Kind and associated Income Tax collected as a result.

Personal Tax Account

Register for Marriage Allowance

The Register for Marriage Allowance service will allow users to register their interest in applying to transfer £1,060 of their personal tax allowance to their spouse or civil partner.

Tax Credits Change of Circumstances

Tax Credits Change of Circumstances allows users to view and update the information used to calculate their tax credits.

Tax Payment

Tax Payment allows users to make tax payments online via credit and/or debit card.

Trusted Helper

The Trusted Helper service allows users to delegate authority to a friend or family member to act on their behalf for digital tax services.

VAT Mini One Stop Shop

VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) allows users to register, report and pay VAT due on sales of digital services to consumers in the EU.