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Government Data Science community meetup, May 2020

Data Science in Government

...and the public sector. Machine Learning is a method for creating algorithms that enable computers to learn from data to make predictions. Examples of machine learning techniques are; reinforcement learning,...

How we used deep learning to structure GOV.UK’s content

A laptop covered in stickers, including one that reads 'GOV.UK 6'

...used supervised machine learning Supervised machine learning is an algorithm that learns patterns from a sample of data that has already been classified, so it can use them to classify...

Synthetic data: Unlocking the power of data and skills for machine learning

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Double image of original data and synthetic data in a 2D chart. The two images look almost identical

...techniques to obscure sensitive or private information in datasets. These include statistical methods, deep learning techniques and natural language processing for the data types above. Typically they can be summarised...