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Google Analytics

Developing a standard approach to implementing analytics at the DWP

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What is the best way to implement Google Analytics (GA) on Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) services? As DWP digital performance analysts, that is the question we asked ourselves last year, after realising that different services were often tagged …

Building a data dashboard for a service delivery team

Dashboard showing use of simple descriptions, columns of information, charts, a table for information that wouldn’t work well in a chart

I recently wrote about iterating the way we share data when the user needs of the teams we work with change. A quick recap. As digital performance analysts we’ve got lots of ways of sharing data: daily reports, weekly reports …

Data has users (with needs) too

Our new dashboard in Google Data Studio

I’m Catherine Hope and I lead the team of Digital Performance Analysts working in Newcastle on the DWP’s retirement provision services. I’m also the DWP’s Data Presentation Champion, and get very excited by charts! I’m going to tell you about …

A/Bsolutely fabulous testing - a pointer

Sticky notes showing A/B test hypothesis

I'm posting a link to Tim Leighton-Boyce's recent post on the Inside GOV.UK blog. It's an excellent example of engaging the whole agile team with data, and working closely with user researchers to validate that behaviours observed in usability testing are demonstrated at …

Improving your average: using R to beef up Average Time on Page

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Comparing the calculated median and the Google Analytics mean average

Google Analytics’s Average Time on Page can be a hugely important metric but also a very misleading one. As a mean average, it can be influenced by a skewed distribution, a problem that you can’t diagnose in the web interface. So I found a way to break down the data into individual visit lengths.

Using XPath and Python with the Google Analytics reporting API to report on a large data set

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highwaycode, xpath and python script

A year and a half ago, two GDS Designers asked me, “Can you show us how Highway Code content on the GOV.UK site is performing?” This would have been a simple request, were it not for the sheer number of pages …