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Using a federated model for API discovery in government

API data for a GOV.UK page

The CDDO Data Standards Authority are working on the discovery of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) within and between different government departments and agencies. APIs are a great way to share data as and when it’s needed using agreed open formats, rather than copying and duplicating data in different places. 

7 ways we’ve used Google Analytics ‘outside the box’

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Real-time search screen

We’ve been using Google Analytics on GOV.UK for the past 3 years to gain insights into the behaviour of our users. As our knowledge of the product has grown, we’ve regularly explored original ways of using the interface functionality and …

How the Carer’s Allowance service implemented and used digital analytics

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Example of goal funnel on the Carer's Allowance service

This post describes how analytics was successfully implemented and used to develop the new online Carer’s Allowance service. Our experience of many of the existing digital services showed that analytics was thought of as an ‘add-on’ towards the end of …

‘Hacking’ Google Analytics to get real-time internal search terms data

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I’ve previously blogged about how we’ve been experimenting with real-time data to create dashboards and custom automated email alerts. In this post I want to share how we’ve been ‘hacking’ Google Analytics to gain useful insights into what our users …