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Data insights

A/Bsolutely fabulous testing - a pointer

Sticky notes showing A/B test hypothesis

I'm posting a link to Tim Leighton-Boyce's recent post on the Inside GOV.UK blog. It's an excellent example of engaging the whole agile team with data, and working closely with user researchers to validate that behaviours observed in usability testing are demonstrated at …

Improving your average: using R to beef up Average Time on Page

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Comparing the calculated median and the Google Analytics mean average

Google Analytics’s Average Time on Page can be a hugely important metric but also a very misleading one. As a mean average, it can be influenced by a skewed distribution, a problem that you can’t diagnose in the web interface. So I found a way to break down the data into individual visit lengths.

Time for a rebrand: Product analysts become Performance analysts

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Analyst job searches over time

The people who work mainly with digital analytics in GDS have been called ‘Product analysts‘, but we have increasingly felt this does not adequately describe our role. The Service Manual calls our role Performance Analyst and Digital performance analyst. Other terms used …

Government data scientists demo projects at GDS Show and Tell

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Attendees at the GDS event watching demo

The field of data science appears to be fast developing within government. I say this after our Government Digital Service (GDS) Show and Tell event where data scientists from different departments and agencies showcased a number of innovative projects, all …

‘Hacking’ Google Analytics to get real-time internal search terms data

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I’ve previously blogged about how we’ve been experimenting with real-time data to create dashboards and custom automated email alerts. In this post I want to share how we’ve been ‘hacking’ Google Analytics to gain useful insights into what our users …

Automating email alerts for ‘trending’ content

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I recently blogged about some of the ways we’ve been using real-time data in GDS. In this post I’ll be covering how we’ve been working with a couple of government departments to alert them of recently viewed popular content. Intelligence …