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Data literacy

Help us start a data revolution for government

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We want to start a data revolution focusing on service delivery and improving human experience. Find out what we think government needs to do and how you can help.

Building data dashboards that meet user needs

An excerpt from a dashboard about the platform health of a website. It shows: A table and bar chart to show device usage (in sessions) by month The average document interactive time by device and month The percentage of error pages (404s) by month

Data democratisation is a hot topic for analysts, so at the Government Digital Service we wanted to share how we’ve approached this by understanding teams’ user needs for data and what we’ve learned whilst working with these data sources.

Data literacy - improving conversations about data

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Across government, departments are building data capability by recruiting analysts and data scientists to support decision making, operational delivery and help deliver Government transformation. The Government Data Science Partnership has supported this activity by developing training, capability programmes and an …